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My writings. If you really want to know me, start here.



Viggo started 5th grade.

Went to Japan. It was excellent.

Put my name in HeForShe. You should too.

I'm adding back the google analytics javascript code back in. Arrrghh.

All goes well. Started my links page for storing the links I like to share with people.


Halloween party went well, no children were harmed, nobody lost anything. Pictures were taken, and posted on facebook! (Yes, that was essentially the whole point of the party: a photo shoot.)

August 2014. Strange Summer. We vacationed in Ojai for a day. Really enjoyed it. Hiked, even.

March 2014. We went to Japan in January. It was great.


A people page, where I list and perhaps organize the people on the internet.


Links, where I store links to resources on the web.

Stuff I like

In the media section, movies and music.

Search Engine Duck Duck Go.


I work at Bank of America, in the reporting team for the group that takes care of the toxic assets from the 2008 meltdown.

I build tools for that team, and for our extended users.

I use C#, python3, Microsoft Sql Server (don't you just love CROSS APPLY?) and html5+css+js.

But what I use the most is my brain, sheets of paper, and erasable pens (Pilot Frixion).

On work, and my resume. My thoughts on design.


I have a variety of blogs, and I like none of them.

Killed the one at wordpress, Tumblr too, thinking about the one at Blogger. Oh crap I have 270 posts... what to do...

Personal interests

I am researching, studying. (uh, not really. All this stuff is really old).

Books in the house.

Preferred vendors and services.


This section is messy and disorganized.

Latest hacking. Hacking in the sense of legal and ethical curiosity-driven investigation into the workings of hardware and software, deep study, and extended practice thereof.

About this site

The Log, being the sanitized version of the web server access log, for the last day or so, minus the noise from search engines and such other critters. Refreshed every then minutes.


If you are not family or close friend, you can stop now.

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