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Where I play with Fabric

What is fabric? It's a tool written in Python that allows you to remote into one or more server and perform activities on that server over SSH.

What do I use it for? To deploy stuff to servers. I especially like to get very cheap virtual private servers on which I install Debian stable and then run stuff on them. I generally install python 2.6.5, even though the version of Python on Debian Stable is 2.5.2

Now, not all VPS are created equal. Some have Apache running by default on a debian stable install. Makes you wonder what else is there running in the background. This is why I personally like a stock, straight-from-the-ISO install.

I also don't install anything beyond the base system except Nano because it's a serviceable editor.

As an aside, see for a good resource on how to configure low-ram debian microVPS's.

I am using for cheap vps. And too. And And maybe one or two more...

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Last edited August 3, 2010