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HTTP Streaming.

HTTP Streaming is a technique to simulate streaming with the standard http infrastructure.

I've been asked to develop that capability for inclusion in Arcostream's offerings.

First: get an iPod Touch at the minimum and upgrade it to iPod software 3 or above. 2 won't work.

I'm using to do the actual encoding.


Noticed that according to, the first entry in the variant playlist will be downloaded first. The media player will then use this as the benchmark to decide which speed to use for subsequent segments.

Collected resources.

iPhone http streaming with ffmpeg and an open-source segmenter. Very interesting. Many online resources refer to this page.

HTTP Live Streaming draft proposal at the ietf.

A review of HTTP live streaming with good info and interesting comparisons with flash and RTMP (Flash eats your CPU). The presentation.

At Apple

Introduction to HTTP streaming.

HTTP Streaming architecture.

Best Practices for Creating and Deploying HTTP Live Streaming Media for the iPhone and iPad. (What's with the capitalization?) Very good resource however.

Of course, the $99 per year iPhone Developer Program. I haven't joined, but I may.


The Wikipedia article. Fairly light on things.

MediaInfo. Tool to get info about the media, such as bitrate, dimensions, etc.

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