Media that Chris Mahan likes


Avatar, by far.

Star Wars.

Looking forward to The Hobbit, but even more looking forward to Dune.


I listen to Permanent Waves on Live365, 88.5 KCSN, NPR, and occasionally 100.3 in Los Angeles.

I am really liking Bonnie Raitt's version of Gerry Raferty's "Right Down the Line". Seems like Carlone does too.

I like, in no particular order: Johnny Cash, Edie Breckel, Utah Saints, Elton John (The One in particular), John Lennon, Lady Gaga, Mozart (didn't think I'd put those two together did you?), Francis Cabrel, among many others.

May 2012. Vienna Teng


Because that book section on the other page on my site is gonna go buh-bye soon.

Dune, books one throught six. Don't bother with the others.

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