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On Design

I'm a writer. I either write prose for people to read, and computer code for people to read.

Incidentally the computer code might get run by a computer, and do something useful. I long ago decided from coding in ASP that the tangled mass of crap that is somehow turned into web pages can't possibly be called good writing. Knowing how irritated people get at reading badly written english only makes me smile: they don't have to try to decipher spaghetti code!

So I like to make web sites that are easy to read. I like to make the writing simple, funny, and short.

I don't want the reader to have to fight with the site layout, the font size, or the lack of organization.

I strongly believe that a well-organized web site is already more valuable than most.

I heard a marketer, Rory Sutherland, at, say, and I strongly think it to be true, that "interface fundamentally determines behavior."