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The People

Why? To keep track of people I come across on the internet, and because Facebook, Twitter, etc are really bad places to store my data.

There is no particular order.

Last updated May 2015.

Sharin Bhatti Nair

Writer, poet, organizer of poets. Mumbai, India. From Chandigarh. twitter.

I wrote Sharin's Poem for her.

Some of her poems.

Ksenia Anske

She's a writer. She's Russian. She wrote Irkadura and it's very good. twitter, website.

Nichole Michelle

A writer. twitter, blog. She likes poems.

JLynn Cameron

A writer. twitter, website, work website.

I know what the J stands for too!

Anonymous person going by the name of RAISEMEUPSUNSHINE

A writer. twitter.


She has disappeared...

A writer. twitter. blog.

Liz Ozoa

A writer. Likes to travel, Lives in New York City. twitter, website.

I have great expectations of her.

Rae Oestreich

A writer, editor. Twitter , A conversation on her blog. She'll kill me for saying so, but she has a radiant smile.

Also, hire her for editing. She's frightfully good.

I wrote this Rae Rant you may like.

Lisa Holly Day

If that's even her real name!

A writer who lets me read her work before anyone else.


I gave her a copy of Irkadura. May she forgive me!

Amanda Palmer

Although we never communicate beyond a couple mutual twitter retweets and favorites, I am interested about how she navigates the get-paid-for-art conundrum. And frankly, with a million + followers, I'm small popatoes to her Media Empire.

Twitter, website.

Briana Morgan

A writer. Very good human being.

See twitter , blog.

Risa Patteson

Southern beauty living in San Diego who fell hopelessly in love with a United States Marine. She likes to take care of animals. Twitter.

Browen MacDonald

South African artist living in Japan. Twitter , ello , Blog , which is about artitecture.

David E. Miller

Writes song lyrics and limericks :)

twitter , blog.

Speaks french!

See My Granite Heart for a song he wrote that I like.

Allison Oya

Writer. We go to church together.

See Dreamscape, her 2014 nanowrimo.

Eve Jacob

Writer. On twitter as New Year's Eve. Ah!

Lori Lesko

Writer. Look for her books on amazon.

She deleted her twitter and facebook accounts on May 16, 2016.

Something I wrote for her in December 2015.