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Lori Lesko

I wrote this for her in December of 2015, in twitter DM. She never replied. Now that she has deleted both her facebook and twitter accounts, having posted just before "I give up, goodbye." and while there may perhaps be a way to contact her, I will respect her wishes and wish her well.

I know you'd love to go live in Paris,
And we're friends on facebook
Ah, what does that even mean?
I know you write novels
And your picture show a bright smile
Beyond all that,
My dear Lori
You're still a mighty mystery
A tweep hidden behind the 140
Now your FB post and tweet
Let in some of the darkness
Under you carefully closed door
And I for an instant saw
That we know nothing of each other
That we are really just strangers
Passing along life's corridors
Without a glance, even a nod
Well, let me stop for a moment
And your hand take in mine
For an instant in time
I will look into your eyes
And tell you quite frankly
That I care quite deeply
And searching your face
For a smile I long to see
I'll not let go your slender hand

How creepy this may seem,
And I will smile and let you know
By my presence, my attention
That you matter at least to me
And I'm sure many others.

At last the moment will have come
for us to part
For you to go your way
and me mine,
And if I could I'd walk your shoes
And help you carry your burdens
But then who would carry mine?
So with a smile and a warm hug
I'll remind you you're not alone
That we're all in this together
And that the road less traveled
Nevertheless isn't deserted
And there are those along
Who will help you and cheer you on.