These are all things I came across on the web that I wanted to keep organized and maybe keep comments on.


How to start a Startup by Paul Graham.

Acting like a small company. August 2009.

The leading cause of startup death: the product development diagram. August 27, 2009.

The customer development manifesto: reasons for the revolution, part 1. August 29 2009.

monitor110 Post mortem. 2008. As well as Requiem for Monitor110, 2008.

Lean Startup, September 2008.

Business advice plaged by survivor bias.

Customer-centric startup. August 2009.


Nancy Etcoff on happiness. Very interesting.

How to reach and maintain creative flow.



This goes into many on this page's categories: Tim Ferris and insights on the social web at LEWEB 2009. Talks about measuring to increase site effectiveness. Also, how to promote. Insightful!

incentivizing-behavior-doesnt-improve-results Dan Pink's talk with drawn animation.

On managing geeks

How software companies dieby Orson Scott Card.

On leadership

Lecture on leadership and solitude at West Point .

W. Edward Deming.

Health Care

Ferrari teams up with heart surgeons - Amazing!

Book publishing

On book publishing.


Ken Robinson's talk at Outstanding! If you haven't seen it, go there now. You can leave my site. Go!

The power of play.

Leo Babauta weighs in on education. August 2009. Very insightful, lots and lots of good comments!


Great story. Way to go James.

I did read somewhere else, sometimes after belle-de-jour was outed, that there is no way, long-term, to remain anonymous on the web. I think we're seeing that. I think that's a good thing.



I am continually impressed by Information Architects, and especially with their fine article on typography for the web.

Need to check out


Great article on lean coding.

Web servers

I like nginx these days.

Hardening nginx

Programming for the web

JSON highjacking and why I stay away from ajax now.

HTML5 Lifehacker on how html5 will change the web.

Glyph, the author of Twisted, expound on why web programming is hard. This in continuation of Jacob Kaplan-Moss' snakes on the web, in which he asserts that "web development sucks". Then Glyph adds on with web entangled, which he concludes by saying that "for modern web applications, a database engine is really just a library." There is definitely a lot to be dug and figured out in these posts.

I really, really like Jacob Kaplan-Moss' writing style, by the way.

Shannon -JJ Behrens's On writing code that doesn't suck.

On caching.

sftp with paramiko. So simple.

Intrigued by Will keep an eye out on that.

HTML5 Validator.

How to be a programmer.

Python archive at Using python and ADO.

myconnpy, mysql driver for python, in all-python.


I really, really want to make a website with twisted. I fear my brain pathways may not let me. Must study harder. Starting here.


Also, getting virtualenv working. It seems simple enough.

Online docs

I use google docs for almost everything. I recently looked at, but, is it me or is it just a way to share your documents online with others? Note that apparently the documents still have to be created on your computer, in your installation of microsoft office 2010. I am so not interested.

Google Wave

So I tried it, and immedately felt very stupid because I couldn't get the thing to do anything. I managed to mess it up, and subsequently couldn't delete the bad waves I created.

As far as I am concerned, Google Wave is going to have to work harder at getting me to like it.

Adobe Flash

Arrrggghhhh! No.


The Book of Five Rings., because thinking should not be outsourced.

Sergaey Martirosyan. David's late father's painting. My wife loves them and would buy lots of them.

Things I want to look at eventually, a service that makes affordable printed books from your photos.