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Christopher Mahan

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17809 Halsted Street
Unit 102
Northridge, CA 91325


Creative software developer with 18 years of experience building user-centric interfaces, operational and reporting systems, and automation.

Able to operate as product owner, interfacing with management, individual users, IT service providers, and external entities to deliver high-value software systems.

Adept at understanding user environment, personal requirements, and customer expectations. Empathetic with keen observation skills.


Perfect Circuit, Burbank, CA - 2018 - 2019

Built company's analytics system. Designed and implemented sales and product analytics for inventory control, product sales visualization, and ordering automation. This supported product management, purchasing, and accounting.

All on Amazon Web Services (AWS), with EC2 Linux (deployment with Elastic Beanstalk), SES, SMS, S3, Route53, and RDS (MariaDB).

Bank of America - 2010-2018

Assistant Vice President, Quantitative Operations Analyst / Programmer


Designed, built, and operated Reporting, Analytics, and Application deployment platform that supported the mortgage-crisis countrywide teams at Bank of America to meet SLA, compliance, and legal liability requirements. Provided leadership in identification of tools and services to enhance team member efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness. Instrumental in helping Bank of America satisfactorily resolve billions of dollars in liabilities, and further set up systems to continue effective claim processing and resolution.


Contractor 2010-2012, full-time line-of-business 2012-2015, information technology 2015-2018

Mortgage and Vehicle Servicing Operations Analytics and Reporting Group

Main designer, developer, and operation support of application framework for post-Countrywide mortgage-crisis resolution efforts, later for operational and reporting support for default mortgage and vehicle servicing on $900B portfolio. Application and reporting suite supported OCC consent orders, post-settlements reconciliations, ongoing litigation and settlement activities with counterparties, and current default-servicing operations.

The application platform is deployed globally (most users in USA, India), with 1500+ active monthly users as of February 2018. It supports both operational applications and reporting delivery, and is used by various groups, including servicing, compliance, legal, and finance.

The application suite was instrumental from 2011 to 2016 in enabling the Representations and Warranties group to meet workload demands and SLAs to satisfy legal and contractual obligations during the aftermath of the 2008 mortgage crisis.


Health Net - 2004-2009

Programmer Analyst

Designed and built custom application framework in ASP Classic with granular role-based security, database connection wrappers, user-dependent menu, database-persisted session and key-value store. Used as security and UI framework for nine applications that were unsecured and standalone before.

Built web-based hospital utilization reports.

Designed, implemented, tested web-based medical management reporting engine for EDS-built medical auth transaction system. This included report definitions, customizable data filters, measures, submeasures, and custom column banding; drillable from national level to member listing to member detail level. Metadata in MSSQL 2000, user data in read-only Oracle 9 data warehouse, JavaScript + synchronous AJAX and filter mechanisms. Used by medical management as primary reporting tool.

Designed and built Appeals and Grievances reporting system with data filters, date-range selection, and compliance calculation. Metadata in MSSQL2000, user data in read-only Oracle 9 data warehouse. This system enabled the company to improve its ranking in industry benchmarks.

Wrote a suite of Python scripts to automate deployment to test and production servers; to monitor, maintain uptime and availability on Solaris 9, integration with XML-RPC for preemptive reporting cache optimization. This reduced on-demand page generation time to meet SLA.

Debugging and additions to provider system maintenance. C# .NET.

Documentation and maintenance of Provider Credentialing application. FoxPro v8.

Imperial Capital Bank - 1999-2003

DBA/Analyst Programmer

Database administration (Access 97, 2000, MSSQL 2000); application development (XHTML+CSS+ASP+ADO on intranet, Access97 and 2000); systems design, evaluation, development, documentation (loan operations, audit reporting, user management); script automation (VBScript, Python, XML-RPC); user password/groups management Win/Exchange; Win2K Server+IIS setup/admin/backup + Active Directory.

Loan databases with customized intranet reports and csv exports to Excel. Residential loan portfolio analysis (1000+ loans, $120M+) with gap, delinquency, roll rates, CRA, FHLB reporting. Reports on credit rating average falling at or near loan payment repricing due to more creditworthy borrowers refinancing away from the pool prompted executive management to sell the entire loan pool.

Designed and implemented a web-based replacement for legacy applications in security, invoicing, HR, production, management real-time reporting, etc. Crystal Reports.

Custom system for ASP-based authentication, session-maintenance, granular security, and access login. PGP, AES encryption, MD5 and SHA. SSH and telnet server administration. Scripted and command-line FTP. Samba, PostgreSQL, Apache 2.0, Python, PHP. Setup LAMP server on DMZ for special 4-month project to automatically report on software deployed on company computers.


Bachelor of Science in Information Systems (business option) from California State University, Northridge.

Updated January 25, 2019