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Thoughts on 2012

Note that I get my info mostly from twitter, and I live in Los Angeles.


So the thugs have struck at the demonstrators in front of the Ministry of Defense in Cairo, Egypt, and several people have died and many more were injured.

Meanwhile in China the blind man is at the center of political intigue between two superpowers, and I fear for his life and the life of his loved ones.

Meanwhile Bashar Al-Assad continues to attempt to crush the rebellion in Syria, but he is only heaping the hatred of the world's citizenry upon his head because of the barbarous acts committed.

And Zainab is still in a Bahraini jail cell, unable to hug Jude.

Sharin got married. I'm very happy about that.

Israel is still on my shit list, because they continue to brutalize Palestinians. Both sides need to demonstrate decency toward one another, but Israel can't act like barbarians by claiming the other side does it. Israel acting like a barbarian only weakens Israel.

In the presidential elections, I'm waiting for another candidate besides Obama and Romney. I can't stand either of them. I bet I'm not the only one. I voted for Obama last time around. He's gonna have to work really hard in the next 6 months to win me over, or no vote for him. What does that means? He's gonna have to neuter the NSA and Homeland Security, and stop telling Israel we're their best friend, because they need to realize the American people are not going to go to war with yet another Muslim country just to save Israel. Maybe in another 35 years when the next generation will have forgotten about the current set of ruinous, unwinnable wars.


A few days after the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

Syria is a mess. Pakistan is figting insurgents. The war in Afghanistan is, hum, stalled at best. Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza.

Zainab is still in a Bahraini jail. Her sister Maryam is in South Africa after being denied entry by Egyptian intelligence at the Cairo airport a few days ago. June is at home.

Obama tries to be all hip on reddit while the NSA continues to build the infrastructure to continue to collect all information about US citizens.

I watched the Olympics, but, huh, I'm gonna forget everything about it. Everything except the South African double-amputee running the 400m semi-final on prosthetics. That was truly a sight to behold.

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