Oh, I cannot bear
To see you so suffer!
Please take whatever
Will make you feel better.
Assail my frail body
And drink your heart's content
Of the fruit of my flesh.

Have I so displeased thee
That cold is your embrace?
Am I but a body
To feed your selfishness?
Know, Sir, that my heart is thine
And all that is within.

Must you regard me so,
With such statuesque stare,
And make me feel so low,
Unworthy of your care?

Even as your body,
Replete from the folly
Visited upon mine
Rests hot over the sheet,
Your eyes trace all my curves,
Exposed to your vices.

As you drift off to sleep
Eyes closed in dull slumber,
I realize once more
You will not say those words.

Alone in the darkness,
My hand upon your chest,
I feel a heart beating,
Assured that it is there.
The words I long to hear
Have not once crossed your lips,
And at last I depair
To ever hear you care.

The folly of my youth
Is all but gone by now
And I long to settle
And start a family.

But you, my strong lover,
Have all the physical
But lack that special touch
To understand that love
Isn't about the moans
But rather comes after
When you sleep and I weep.

Written in bed, when I was alone, on November 20th, 2015.
My muse made me do it; I just moved the pencil.