Dark Puppet

In the dark
The puppeteer plays
The stringed instrument
The pantomime begins.

A single light
Illuminates the stage
The crowd gasps
The doll's ugly!

The pianist plays
Sad chords
The doll cries
From memories

Bright uniform
Yellow, royal blue
Painted cheeks
Hide the tears

Out of sight
The puppeteer
Shakes his body
As the doll sobs

Jerky motions
Realize the man
A tangible thing
In the room

They gasp too
On all the seats
The masterpiece.

At last, spent
Light goes out
Piano stilled
Puppet falls

In the lobby
They are silent.
The puppeteer
Has gone home.

Written on February 7, 2016. First shared on Medium there.

© 2016 Christopher Mahan