A dragon once a demon
Scales of bronze and diamonds
Powerful beyond measure
Tamed at last by kindness

So long ago the people said
The devil is in your heart
Yet everywhere I went
The creature was with me

I was confused
I was afraid
I was scared to be me
Ashamed they would see me
So I kept the beast away
And hid it in a cave

Over time I realized
The monster was of me
I went to stand at the cave’s mouth
And peered in the darkness

Yes, I saw a monster
Something society scorned
Yet I also saw a creature
Yearning for love desperately

I spent less time with people
And more time in my cave
I fed the beast the choicest meats
I sang lullabies in the dark

Passers-by throught I was mad
But I did not relent
I began to glimpse the beast
Could be magnificent

One day I did not care
I led it outside
In the blinding sunlight
Its armor was sparkling

It gave me a strange nudge
A sort of go ahead
And I climbed on its back
As it spread out its wings

This time neighbors stood back
They were not snickering
Sixty-six meters wide
From wing-tip to wing-tip

We caught Southerly winds
Flew past the great forest
Our villages behind
We went discovering

Black as night it was
Eyes like rubies on fire
Its scales glinted of red
Gold and translucent blue

Above clouds we flew
Far away we flew
Then at last to a place
Where dragon-riders stayed

There I met my people
From all over the world
They gathered in this place
To cheer each other up

So make your art
It’s your mirror
Be kind with yourself
Your demon is a dragon
Don’t be afraid of it
Learn to trust your instincts
Tame yourself with kindness:
It will take you places

Written November 25, 2017, in @neithspeaks's Twitter DM.

© 2017 Christopher Mahan