In my mind there is accompanying music, and this is sung, calmly. This was written for a friend, from a woman's perspective.

In shadow lie the lies
You've told me over and over
All the lies
Over and over again
The shadow told me

The mistress as you call her
You poor little bastard
The money you stole from me
When you couldn't make rent
You sick motherfucker

I loved you with everything
You took all I gave
And a little more you took
Without asking permission
Now I'm all regrets

Will you try, try
To lie your way through this one
To tell me you're better
They're just excuses
You have no intention to change

So we're through
I'm done with your shit
I'm going someplace better
Someplace better,
Where you won't bother me anymore...

Written in Twitter DM in late August, for Liz.

© 2016 Christopher Mahan