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Updated November 11, 2018.


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Paris. A Rachel and Joey fanfic.

The Terrorist 250 words. Eastern Afghanistan.

Mr. Ishi. 497 words. About a man.

Under the influence of Meiko. 995 words. On the last evening of the trip to Japan in 2015.

Arlon the Wizard. 1,469 words. A short story for 10 year-olds who play too much on the smart phones. 2015.

A Walk in the Forest. 797 words. A little bit scary, a little bit creepy. 2015.

Veronica. 457 words. Sunset at the beach. 2015.

Gorgeous Colors. 111 words. Describing a single photograph. 2015.

Jillian. 1,391 words. A short love story. 2014.

Review of Irkadura. 1,196 words. My review of Irkadura, a novel by Ksenia Anske. 2014.

Mad Tutu. 890 words. Creepy magic. 2014.

The Mushroom King. A children story. Suitable for 7 and up. Incomplete. 2014.

The House of Dreams. 1,181 words. A short love story. 2014.

Miss Timofeyeva. 581 words. A short Russian love story. 2013.

The Princess. 5,979 words. Romance and erotica. 2014. Written in Japan.

Amelie. 375 words. A look at my creative process. Very short. 2012.

Maegan. 213 words. The next morning. Very short. 2011.

Rain. 313 words. Late night writing while thinking of Sharin and listening to the Avatar soundtrack. 2010.

Federal Trooper. Post-battle reflections at night. Sci-fi. 2001.

mu61290. Robot-human interface. Terraforming, colonization. Sci-fi. 1997.

Terminal. Near-future, post Second U.S. Civil war. Sci-fi. 1995.

Relatively Speaking. on Artificial Intelligence. Not a very good story, but interesting insight into my thinking, I think. 1995.

Tehran. Hired killer. Action. 2001.

Swordman. Dark-age fighting. Action. 2000.

There. Personal commentary on observations. 1999.

Harsh Mistress. Romance. 1998.

Shadows. Vikings. 1997.

Valerie. Crime story. In French. 1997.

Brian and Eve. The last two humans. 1995.

Breaking all the rules. About a young woman. 1995.

Petal. Suicide, reflections. 1994

Jungle. Combat, trauma. 1992.


wait for me November 2018

Others April 2018

See Me Now March 2018

Dragon November 2017

The Date November 2017

Run in the Forest November 2017

Space Travel November 2017

Flowers in Midstream July 2017

Ancestors April 2017. For Lara in Pretoria, South Africa.

The Doctor November 2016.

Ex August 2016.

My Muse Is Gone February 2016.

Hold my hand August 2016.

Flame. March 2016.

Darkest Puppet. Feb 2016.

Darker Puppet. Feb 2016.

Dark Puppet. Feb 2016.

Flower Tattoo. February 2016.

Like a Deer. February 2016.

Wintertime Rains. February 2016.

From Every Land. February 2016.

Shrapnel. December 2015.

Bed. November 2015.

Welcome to We. 2015.

Warboys. 2015.

I Read Irkadura. 2014.

Ksenia's Coffee. Inspired by Ksenia's tweets about struggling to right her mind in the morning. 2014.

Silence. 2014.

Words. 2014.

Vampire. 2013.

Crimson Sky. 2013.

Ashes, ashes. 2013.

The Silver Dress. 2013.

The Looking. 2013.

The Witch. 2013.

Altea. 2013.

The Wooden Fence. 2013.

The Poor Child. 2013.

Blood on the snow. 2013.

Like rain that falls. 2013.

Emma. 2013.

The Summer. 2012.

this time. On relationships. 2009.

Sharin's poem. Poem for Sharin Bhatti. 2009.


Shotgun. Staring at the barrel of the shotgun. True crime. 1996.

College papers

Cruise on the RV Vantuna. Oceanography class report on trip in Los Angeles harbor aboard marine research vessel. 1998.

South America 14. Final paper for class "Learning Latin American through Film." 1999.

Under the Tree. About a tree. 1999.

Treblinka. About the Treblinka extermination camp. Became basis for the wikipedia article. 1996. Do not read this is you are feeling down.

Unsorted stuff

There are many stories that remain untyped, undigitized, on scraps of paper and spiral notebooks in my house. I occasionally sift through the piles, and even more occasionally find something interesting, something that is still relevant. There are other stories which I have written that are now lost, or unaccounted for, as I still hope to uncover them. A few I would immediately digitize. One is Sauri, but I would have to finish writing it. The other is about a future US civil war, that takes place after now but before Terminal.

March 20, 2016. I have found my civil war story. YAY!