Like a Deer

For full effect, read while listening to this:

Like a deer, antlers in the foliage, nose black, breath like a cloud
Through the high-powered rifle scope
My heart beats a wild rush of a dance
Full of demons and naked laughing nymphs.

Music loud in the headphones
Strange music from afar
Seemingly stuck on repeat
A voice, a melody, words that bite.

I see in the shadows within
Under all the muddy cloth tarps
Next to green ammunition crates
The body of the man I killed

The voice in the song
Helping me along
This mad reverie
The guitar chords marking the territory.

Ah! What eerie smokey fog rises unnaturally
Cordite in the damp morning air
Smell of bodies
Their screams just a memory of yesterday

The gun and the helmet
That I never wore
But could have
Tell me of all the wars that have been

They died on trees, in trenches, in fields
Beautiful green gently rolling grassy fields
Where flowers just recently bloomed
In full view of the sun.

Now it’s all charred
Ashes of yesterday blowing in the wind
Catching in my hair
As I stand there.

Finally the song ends and I am back home
Alone at home
And I take a deep breath
And forget it all.

February 16, 2016. For Lo-arna Green.

© 2016 Christopher Mahan