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So it was that one morning Maegan woke up with a fierce hangover. She slowly made her way to the bathroom. Oh Shit! I forgot about him! There was a naked man in the bathroom: the man from last night.

Ohhh, last night! Such delights! Such vile and disgusting and delightful delights!

"Good morning beautiful" the man said, his voice raspy just like she remembered.

She didn't quite feel beautiful in the morning light, stared at by this stranger in her house.

"Oooh my head hurts!"

"It should, after the two Adios Motherfuckers you drank."

Maegan opened her eyes wider and stared at the tired eyes on the other face. "Speaking of Adios..."

"I'm leaving in a minute."

The man walked around the bed, picked up his clothes, put them on deftly, then stood at the front door, turned to get another look at Maegan's face, and left without saying a word.

In the crisp morning air, feeling a chill under his cold clothes, Markus walked the half block to his car. He sat on the cold leather of the still very new silver Mercedes-Benz and turned on the ignition with a touch on the glow panel. As he pulled out and began driving away, along the narrow streets, he whispered "Goodbye Maegan."

Sometime in 2011

© 2011 Christopher Mahan