Space Travel

Where are you today
Lost on a thread in space
So low to the ground
You could nearly touch it
If you only wanted to

Where are your wings
Did you leave them in the shed
Left them for someone else to find
Once you are gone?

Come, come let’s fly
Grab your multi-channel helmet
Put on the flight jacket
Step into the ship’s hold

The crew is here
There’s Pablo the engineer
Marissa in telemetry
Kanisha’s got navigation
Keiko with propulsion
And Fabia in weaponry

Step up to your seat
Piloting us is your role
You’re trained we know
Just believe in yourself
Activate the instrument panel

Next thing we know the Earth’s below
You’re the expert we respect
We follow your every command
The ship’s crew is in your hands

Up ahead the jump gate appears
Full thrust
Hands on the stick
You yaw us in alignment

A flash and a queasy feeling
All panels glow pale blue
All went well
We’re at Alpha Century

Tonight we’ll dine
On Tritennites
Grilled to perfection
At the spaceport hotel

And have some cocktails

November 5, 2017

© 2017 Christopher Mahan