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The Mushroom King


In the land of the mushroom king, all the people loved mushroom. But the mushroom grew only in one place: the Old Woods, and in the Old Woods, there lived an old, hairy, stinky man. His name was Olog. Olog was very strong, and he could fight anyone who came to the woods to take mushrooms. But the people in that country loved mushrooms!

One day, one of the people said: "We must send someone to talk with Olog, and beg him to let us take some mushrooms!"

All the people looked at each other, wondering who would be brave enough to go.

One man said: "Olog is very strong!

Another man said: "Olog does not like people who take mushroom!"

Yet another man said: "He is very stinky! his breath can make a man sick!"

All the people looked at each other. In the meeting room in the village, they did not know who would go speak with Olog.

A young boy raised his hand. All the people looked at him. He said: "I love mushroom! I will go!"

An older man, the village baker, said: "It is very dangerous! Olog is strong as a bear!"

A tall man with a long grey beard stood up and looked around. Then he spoke: "Olog is a giant, a monster hiding in the body of a man." He paused to look around at the faces. "He is too dangerous! Maybe we should just forget about mushrooms! We have fine fruit and vegetables, and potatoes, and pigs, chicken, goats, and sheep! Why do we need mushrooms?"

All the villagers nodded. The pig farmer agreed: "We have fine pigs that bring us good bacon, pork chops, and sausage!"

The Apple grower too agreed: "Who needs mushrooms? We have the finest and most beautiful red apples!

The people were nodding, and they agreed that life was good, and that they did not need mushrooms.

Then they left and all went back to work.

All except the boy. He stood there and when all the people were gone, he started thinking about what to do, because he loved mushrooms.

The next morning, the boy went to his father's orchard and picked a basket of red apples peaches. His dad asked him: "What are you going to do with that basket of fruit?" The boy replied: "I'm going to trade them for mushrooms!" And the boy left, heading toward the village.

His dad was scratching his head. "Mushrooms? I wonder where he can get mushrooms..."

The boy walked toward the village, but before he arrived, he took a left turn at the fork in the road near the old stone well. He didn't take the road to the village, instead, he took the road to the old woods.

Slowly, carefully, the boy waled closer to the old woods. Soon he was in the forest, walking under tall and dark trees. He kept walking, but slowly, and with the strange feeling that someone was watching him.

At a turn in the road, he came to a small clearing, a place of grass and flowers where no tall trees grew and where sunlight could come through and touch the ground.

There were bees buzzing among the flowers, and the boy felt happy again. At the end of the clearing, he saw a little stone house, with red tiles on the roof, and a small window in the wall. In the window, inside the house, he saw a face, and two black eyes staring at him. He froze. It was Olog. Olog the monster!

The face moved away from the window. The door opened. Out of the door came a small man with a white face, scruffy hair, weraing white pants, sandals made of dark leather, and a bright red shirt. He raised his hand and said: "Hello boy!"

The boy thought that Olog didn't look very scary after all. He too raised his hand and said "Hello Olog!"

I'm still writing it, still typing it. Come by later for more.

Written in 2013-2014.

© 2014 Christopher Mahan