wait for me

wait for me
wait for me
you’re running so fast
always ahead of me
now I can’t see you
the forest is so dark
and I am alone again
so I walk on
imagined eyes stare at me
beasts from my imagination
adrenalin in my mind
I run, I run
a rustle, a growl
there are hunters about
I run faster
fast as the wind
my lungs on fire
darkness and monsters right behind me
nipping at my heels
their feral breaths on me
their paws holding me
their canines tearing my flesh
blood everywhere
pain everywhere
my self-awareness vacillates
realities crash together
I decide: I must live
I run, everything is a blur
you are here
there in the meadow
with others
with spears
with faces of war
so I pick up a spear
hold the hard wood in my hands
wipe my tears
put on my grim determination
and turn around
salt on my lips:
the hunted becomes the hunter
— we fight

Written November 11, 2018 for Amy who likes wine.

© 2018 Christopher Mahan