Welcome to we

So I wrote this one day on twitter, for Lara, here.

The people might have been sleeping once, might have been dulled by the promises of commercialism.

They might have placed their dreams in the little wooden box under the bed, and awoken each day with the alarm clock.

They might have followed headlong the furrow plowed by the well-intentioned.

They might have sought the status of the stateful and societal.

But all at once the gauze fell from their eyes and the world spun and their feet flew to the sky, in an instant of abandon,

an instant of clarity unmatched since the dawn of man, when they saw that all the people were one,

and that all the hands and fingers and hearts and toes and lips were the same, were all one,

then they loved and loved and loved and loved, and the skies and the night and the winds and the rains felt all right,

and then smiles and cheer and looking into strangers' eyes and feeling the love from their words eclipsed the world itself.

And then they were happy, bursting with joy and exuberant cheer and recognizing that life isn't meant to just be lived,

that life is meant to be a joining along the fullness of beings, all of us as one, all of us in unison.

Welcome to We :)

March 22, 2015.

© 2015 Christopher Mahan