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With Liberty and Justice for All

Jamie, of course they know... But they cannot get them, not in a timely manner to avoid crushing poverty and lack of education. For the 22 year old mother and the 23 year old father who have a one year old son and wish for their son an education and a chance at a better life, a life away from the poverty and repression they have lived themselves, they are willing to avoid waiting the 10-20 years it takes to get a greencard, as they realize their son needs schooling asap, and are willing to both cross into a county illegally, face hardship we can barely begin to imagine, living life as fugitives, working crushing hours in the hot sun and cold nights making barely enough to buy clothes at the goodwill store for themselves in order to put their little boy in an environment where he can learn english, and become a gringo in deed, if not in appearance.

I salute them.

They are the salt that pickles this country again, like they who likewise came 100, 200, 300 years ago willing to work to near death to offer their offsprings a better future. It is they, who, escaping the tyranny of established and privileged societies, came to these shores in boats of all sorts, sometimes in bonds, and together rising in time, threw off the rich and entitled oppressor to establish these United States we predge alliegance to. And their work was not in vain, for they secured for future generations a lasting and enduring Union, with freedoms few on this planet enjoy to this day. Their work was not finished, though. More men and women fought America's fights, giving their lives to the defense of Liberty and Justice. The Negro fought for his freedom, which while achieving on paper, he continues to strive for, to his great merit. Men of all creed fought the armies of the Third Reich, of Imperial Japan, to free the people of the world from despots and dictators. Likewise in today's armed forces, America's prodigal sons and daughters, illegal immigrants, fight on faraway shores to extend to their immigrant parents, to themselves in form of Citiizenship earned through military service, to all of us and all our children, this Liberty and Justice we hold so dear. They, once more, defend us all from they who hate and would indiscriminately kill and subjugate.

It is they, who, willing to struggle against the System, willing to go in harms way, willing to lose limbs, sanity, and even life itself, bring high esteem to themselves and credit to us all, for they seek not to destroy, but to build; they seek not to oppress, but to uplift; they seek not to bring ingorance but rather value the educated mind. Indeed it is they who deserve the credit for the credo we profess: One Nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.

I salute them indeed!

© 2010 Christopher Mahan